Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Replaced the chimney chase cover that was leaking, installed a new flu cap that was disintegrating, and cleaned the dryer vent.

Excellent. I contacted American Chimney & Fireplace from Angie’s list. I started hearing a dripping at the top of the fireplace when it rained. James Rydill came out, discussed the repair required, the cost, the installation, and timeframe. I had contacted two other companies on Angie’s list as well. One was much more expensive for a lot less work (about the same price for just the chimney chase cover), and the other one responded 2 weeks later, which was too late. American Chimney was already working on it.

Everything went perfectly. The services were performed exactly as promised at the price quoted, and completed very quickly. I have also asked to be put on a regular schedule with American Chimney & Fireplace for routine chimney and dryer vent cleaning.

I’m very happy with the service. James Rydill was very friendly, knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend American Chimney & Fireplace.